There is no community without ritual, no ritual without community.
Life is a call-and-response. Finding your purpose and stepping into your gifts requires ongoing relationships with place, people, and the larger mystery of life. The West Coast Village is a community of folks devoted to making this happen.
Join the West Coast Village for regular events in the Bay Area.

In the West, technology is usually defined as applying knowledge to serve a practical purpose; among the Dagara and many other tribal cultures, technology is what keeps the individuals and the relationships between individuals and nature healthy....


In the office of a Silicon Valley engineer... I saw a poster that declared, "Any technology, sufficiently advanced, appears magical." What may be difficult for the Western mind to accept is the sophistication of a technology that includes so little machinery. But indigenous people are committed to ineracting with the natural world without consuming resources.

Malidoma Somé, The Healing Wisdom of Africa

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