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African Cloth Divination w/ Zayin Cabot, Ph.D.

Got purpose? Still looking? Don't worry. It takes a village. Life is a call-and-response. Divination is the key. Find out how to step more fully into why you came by participating in an African Cloth Divination. Sign up now!

Zayin is an initiated elder and diviner within the Dagara tradition brought to the United States by Malidoma Somé. Zayin is a professor of religious studies at Cal State, East Bay, where he teaches comparative philosophy and religion. His work is inspired by the West African divination practices, while being deeply rooted in the philosophia (wisdom) traditions of the West.

African Cloth Divination w/ Malidoma Somé, Ph.D.

Malidoma is an elder and diviner from the Dagara people of Burkina Faso, West Africa. He has worked for many years to bring the indigenous wisdom of his people to the Western world. He teaches and offers divinations throughout Africa, Europe, and the United States. Click on the link below to find book a divination with Malidoma in the Bay Area and elsewhere.

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SQ / Entrepreneur / 2017

“Malidoma is legit. I went to him seeking confirmation, and I walked away with deep questions to ponder. I went back, and it has changed my life. I am not sure what he is tapped into, but it is for real ."

TL / Designer / 2016


“I came to Zayin feeling scared and muddled about the things closest to my heart (relationships, family and career) and left feeling seen, uplifted, inspired and clear"

KZ / Massage Therapist / 2015

“I had been stuck in what direction to pursue with my business, and after I left the session I sat in a cafe for 2 hours and easily wrote up a document clarifying the my new direction. I followed the ritual he advised to me, and things are opening up in my love life too. The power of this tool is amazing—all you have to do is show up and be open."

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